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My name is Cristal Campbell (CC) Snow and I am the one-gal show behind CC Snow Home. With over five years in the real estate industry and a lifetime love of interior decor, I decided to merge my passion and talent into one and share it with you. I hope you follow along on my journey as I help friends new and old buy and create their dream homes in North Carolina.

Along the way I will show you my tips and tricks for designing on a budget and working with pieces that you already have. From antique stores, to porch pickups there will be plenty of rehab projects to get you inspired. I will bring you along as I flip rental houses, shop local vendors and work alongside my favorite contractors.

Of course there will be real estate talk too, everything from preparing to buy your first home to making the transition to downsize in retirement. CC Snow Home is a place to learn and be inspired at whatever stage in the home journey you are in.

My Story

As a Greensboro native, I have always loved the charm of the Piedmont region and the close proximity it has to all of North Carolina’s best amenities. When most of my high school pals took off across the state and country for college, I dug my roots in even deeper. Attending the University of North Carolina at Greensboro showed me the city through a new set of eyes. Watching students from out of state discover my home for the first time gave me a new perspective on everything Greensboro had to offer.

A decade after graduating UNCG and I am still falling in love with the city and the community that lives here. When I am not bragging on the city or showing homes across the triad, you can find me volunteering with the Junior League of Greensboro, which is an organization that promotes women building better communities. I am also a strong supporter and member of the Greensboro Chamber of Commerce. My membership with the Chamber of Commerce has introduced me to the movers and shakers, who own small businesses and help weave the eclectic tapestry that is Greensboro. Supporting these businesses has become a bit of a hobby for me. From trying up and coming restaurants, to shopping local stores, and tasting new brews or desserts, I have found a renewed sense of adventure in micro-traveling and immersing myself in North Carolina lifestyle.

So join me as I put the miles on my car, cross county lines and show you all the hidden gems I discover along the way. From the mountains to the coast I’ll share my story as I scout homes, wander into boutiques, share my favorite snacks and sips and showcase a little southern inspiration.

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